Monolith™, the digital data-film, allows to store your data in an inexpensive sustainable way. Monolith™ is the perfect complement to traditional server based solutions. Monolith™ is based on highly stable photographic material (est. lifetime of 100 - 1000 years) and integrates machine and human readable meta-information (binary data, text and images) on the same data carrier. Monolith™ does not need any proprietary technology nor special hardware to read the information from film. Access by standard scanners is guaranteed for future recovery.

Monolith™ is available in a wide variety of confections and layouts:

Monolith™ RS: Monochrome solution

  • Monolith™ RS35
  • Monolith™ RS105

Monolith™ LT: Color-up your digital data with Monolith™ Hybride Technology
  • Monolith™ LT35
  • Monolith™ LT105