Archivieren mit Monolith™

Digitale Daten durchlaufen folgende Prozessschritte:

1. Selection of your Data

We store any data of your archive, that has to be saved for future use

2. Data Preperation

Transformation of your data into an appropriate archival format:
  • Open
  • Well documented
  • Widely spread
  • Efficient
  • Generation of a digital fingerprint (hash code) for future validation of your data.
  • Preparation for structured deposit.

3. Data Transfer

Your data is validated after transfer by our service partner (CSP) of your choice.

4. Monolith Encoding

Transformation of your data into the Monolith™ 2D barcode to be recorded as an image. In this process redundancy is added by error correction. In combination with all necessary metadata we gain the archival storage package (ASP)

5. Record

The archival storage packages (ASP) are written to film by an appropriate film recorder (Laser, CRT, LCD). We use typical machines used in the motion picture (Arri, Northlight, Celco, a.o.) and micrographic world (Zeutschel, ProArchive, a. o.). After writing the data, the film is being developed.

6. Validation

The archival film is now validated by proofreading. The original fingerprint is compared with the rescan and checked for data consistency.

7. Archive

Archiving of the film in a standard archival environment.