Das Zurücklesen mit Monolith™

Archivierter Daten erfolgt durch folgende Schritte:

1. Unexpected Data Loss

Partial or complete data loss in your institution necessitates recovery of Monolith™ archival storage packages .

2. Identification of Archival Storage Packages (ASP)

The customer has to define the data that has to be recovered. By a well-defined data structure an efficient regain of the original data is guaranteed.

3. Scanning

The archival film is being rescanned. The process of re-scanning the film can be done at a Monolith™ Certified Service Point or - if the necessary machines are available - at your one location. You can insure the event of an unexpected rescan at the Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd.

4. Monolith Decoding

After scanning the images the 2D Barcodes are decoded and stored in the original data format. The necessary decoder software can be downloaded at our website. In the unexpected event of the inoperability of Bitsave Ltd., the decoder can be reprogrammed to work with any operating system based on our decoder white book.

5. Validation

The data is validated by comparing the hash-code. With this quality control mechanism you can be sure to get your bit-precise original data. If necessary any addition digital method for data validation, authentication or encryption can be used with Monolith™. Digital signatures are easily applicable.

6. Data Transfer

The data is being transferred to your site by high speed internet connection or by a courier.

7. Application

The data is integrated into your IT infrastructure for further use.