Monolith™ uses photographic material (
microfilm as well as motion picture film material) to store digital assets for the future. An efficient method transforms any binary data into a visual image (2D Barcode) that is written onto film. It does not matter what kind of source material you have. Monolith™ can store images, movies, audio, PDF/A-documents or any other digital content.

The method has various unique advantages:
  • You do not have to migrate the data stored with Monolith™, because we rely on open, standardized and archive-conform file formats. The hardware for future access is not proprietary, you can choose from various scanners with good resolution to read you original data.

  • Monolith™ is cost transparent because no future migration is needed to assure the sustainability of your data. No other archival storage system is able to compete with Monolith™ regarding costs, security and reliability.

  • Monolith™ is able to integrate your metadata human and machine readable onto the same data carrier. This feature assures the quality of any structural and describing metadata for future applications and allows a smooth search and recovery of content.

  • Photographic material cannot be manipulated after development. Therefore Monolith™ has an intrinsic protection against manipulation or criminal attacks. Combined with digital signatures Monolith™ is the perfect solution to fulfill any obligation of retention (compliance) .